Lynn Kitching

Hi, I’m Lynn and I have the great fortune of living on Mull. My handmade silver jewellery designs and wall art are all inspired by the fabulous environment of the island. I aspire to incorporate the amazing wildlife, stunning scenery, beautiful beaches and a Celtic heritage into my designs. My aim is to make beautiful pieces of treasure that encapsulate visitors memories and remind them of the wildlife they saw, the beaches they wandered or the history they explored.

Every item is designed and handmade by me and bears its own unique character. Each otter, eagle, seal or hare is lovingly made to capture the beauty and behaviour of the animal. The shells are incorporated with beads to capture the stunning blues, greens and turquoises of the sea. The Celtic patterns reflect the human influence on the island.

My wall art uses items collected from the beach to create images capturing memories of beach combing and many hours spent on the shore.

Drift Designs Mull was chosen as the name as ‘Drift’ makes me think of lapping waves on a tranquil beach, a gentle breeze through long grass, drifting in and out of sleep on a warm summer day, driftwood left on a beach by the sea, drifting along on a holiday – all things that make me feel calm, relaxed and contented.