Isle of Erraid and Peter Skinner

Isle of Erraid Candles

Candles have been made by the Erraid Community for over 30 years. Every single candle is lovingly made by hand and each one is unique in its colour combination. Our most popular range are the Rainbow Candles inspired by the many rainbows we enjoy with our ever-changing west coast weather and mirroring the colours of the chakras. It is a joy to be involved in making something that captures the energy of Erraid for others to share.
For us, candle-making is a link with Erraid’s history and the lighthouse keepers who lived on this island for 80 years, maintaining the lamps that continue to protect sea­farers from hazardous seas. They were the original “keepers of light” and we see ourselves as “keeping the light” in another way. Our candles are a way of spreading this light, connecting with everyone who lights an Erraid candle in a network of light surrounding our planet.

Peter Skinner

My name is Peter Skinner and I have been Woodturning for 25 years.
I moved to Mull in 2018 and started putting some of my work in the Mull Makers Gallery in 2020.
I like to make turned items that are functional, look good and feel good to handle.
I especially like the way the grains of different woods come out when turned.
I try and source my wood as locally as possible from trees already cut down for other reasons.
Living on the Isle of Erraid, I make stands for the beautiful candles made there. I hope people enjoy what I make, both practically and aesthetically.