Alice Wolters

Portrait of Alice Wolters

I once spilled red acrylic paint on my new boots, and rather than declaring them ruined, I covered the mark with more paint, creating my first ever pair of Awol Boots. Through an accident I discovered a love for creating wearable pieces of art and since then have continued painting bright and fun boots, shoes, bags and waistcoats. I have lived in South West Mull since 2014, currently working at Iona Abbey, and the swirly designs I paint today reflect Celtic patterns seen in the carvings there. These are designs that intertwine, with no beginning or end, representing eternity. Some pieces also have intricate detail, inspired by Indian henna patterns, inspired by my travels before moving to the West Coast of Scotland.

Painted with hard wearing and long-lasting paint, these shoes and accessories are created to be worn, and the paint work is more than capable of withstanding the conditions on Mull. If muddy, don’t panic, simply leave the mud to dry then brush it off, or wipe the painted areas with a damp cloth. Use of waterproofing suede spray is recommended to protect the suede of the shoes themselves.

You can see examples of Alice’s work here: